Friday, January 4, 2013

Alfi launches the new Cal.Design initiative with local artists

Alfi International Inc. is a manufacturer and a distributor of cutlery, bakeware and fine household goods is proud to announce its new Cal.Design initiative. With the Cal.Design initiative, Alfi aims to collaborate with local Southern California artists on designing and creating new high-end baker’s blades and gadgets. Baker’s blade, also called “Lame” (pronounced lahm) is a great kitchen tool and a must-have for anyone who is into artisan baking. It is widely used by bakers for slashing the bread dough prior to baking. This slashing, also called scoring of the bread allows the bread to rise properly.  Just like the popular Alfi baker’s blades line, we believe that we will continue to create products of the highest performance, quality and value.

Alfi baker's blade
Alfi Bread Scorer

The idea behind collaborating with the Southern California artists came about due to the high number of talented individuals the company was encountering so close to its Conejo Valley headquarters. “We are lucky in Southern California to have a deep talent pool of the most creative minds in the world, with cutting edge design skills that are equally vital for digitally animating blockbuster films, sending lander missions to Mars, creating the next generation fighter jet, drafting the sleekest architecture in the world, or even the next high-performance artisan baker’s tool. Our proximity to these talent pools and industries is a priceless asset.” says Adam Alfi, a general manager at the company.