Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bread Scoring Benefits, using the Alfi Bread Scorer

Alfi Bread Scoring Tools

When baking bread, the benefits of using a bread scorer are simple but let’s first explain what a bread score is and why it is used. A bread score is a slit in the bread that releases steam from the dough. Artisan bakers make slashes in the dough so the bread rises evenly and properly in the oven. When the steam is released during the baking process the bread comes out looking great, and has the finest texture and taste.

You need the right tool that can score perfectly every time so you don’t waste time, dough and money. If you make a slit that’s too deep, then the bread will lose its shape. If you make a slit that’s too shallow, you will get bulges and blisters in the bread because steam was not released properly.

Alfi Bread Scoring Tools
With the Alfi Bread Scorer you get the quality artisan type bread at home with a very efficient tool. In a traditional lame only the blade comes in contact with the dough, but with the Alfi Bread Scorer the handle will guide you and you get the perfect score without any training. It is a good size baking tool, easy to use and the actual blade is the correct size. Your scores in the dough will not be too deep nor too shallow. This baker’s tool is ergonomically designed to produce the perfect score, every time.  

If you have tried our bread scorer or having problems scoring bread, then please feel free to leave a comment below and tell us about your experience. 

You can also buy this tool here: http://www.alfi.com/bread_scorers_s/4.htm

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